Saturday, August 24, 2013

What is Linga Sarira?

Sukshma sarira or the subtle body is called as ‘Linga-sarira’. The word ‘Linga’ derived from Sanskrit language verbal root – ‘lagi’ it means a sign or an indication. Thus the ‘linga-sarira’ can be translated as the ‘indicating body’ or a ‘pointing body’. Subtle body is constituted of 17 components and all the 17 components are inert in themselves. But after all this it is working and it is experiencing different moments of life. It means there is something else which is giving the powers to the subtle body. So, it is the indication that the subtle body is a sure indicator to the existence of an ‘else’ source; which is our “self”. So working of sukshma sarira is itself an indication toward the divine self within human being. Since the functioning of sukshma-sarira indicating the presence of ‘Atman’; it is rightly called ‘linga-sarira’ or the indicating body.

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