Friday, August 23, 2013

Who is a real yogi ?

When ego of an individual is totally eliminated and the individual works in the world only fulfillment his or her obligatory duties for the prosperity of all, such a person reaches the highest and the noblest state and is known as a yogi. This individual works neither for the sake of wages nor for the success of any ideal but performs duties with selfless attitude.

Fulfillment lies in the completion of one’s duties to the best of one’s ability. A yogi makes no claim to right; the focus is rather on duties and is unconcerned about any fruit of labor or duties he/she performed. A person of achievement is not motivated by the desires; means there are no desires at all motivating one’s actions. Such individual are attuned to the supreme reality and are forever in a state of total fulfillment. None of their actions can bring them any further satisfaction or joy. Still they perform their duties with a sense of total indifference towards the fruit of their actions.

An action performed without an ego and is without having a desire of fruit is a noble action. Persons of achievement; yogi’s of India did lot of such a noble work and they discover true form of religion. They discover theory as well as practical part of religion; philosophy and ritual part. Our scriptures, Vedanta, upnishads all are achievements by the persons of achievement. A yogi is an example of philosophical values and virtues. 

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